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              CITATION - TITLE: 'Map of the States of Michigan and Wisconsin'
             BRIEF DESCRIPTION: General map of Michigan and Wisconsin for a school atlas
                  DATA VINTAGE: Map circa 1858
               LAST FILE EDIT DATE: 3/1/02
       GEOGRAPHIC AREA NAME(S): Michigan and Wisconsin
        SPATIAL REFERENCE TYPE: Bitmap/ Raster Image
       DATA FILE/COVER NAME(S): mi1867t.jpg, mi1867m.jpg, mi1867l.jpg
  DATA FILE(S) FORMAT: Scanned map/ JPEG TECHNICAL INFORMATION - SPATIAL:              REGISTERED TO BASE: Not Applicable              COORDINATE SYSTEM: Latitude/Longitude      PLANAR DISTANCE/MAP UNITS: Not Applicable            HORIZONTAL ACCURACY: Not Applicable TECHNICAL INFORMATION - ATTRIBUTE/NON-SPATIAL:         ATTRIBUTE DATA OVERVIEW: General map of Michigan and Wisconsin counties and some transportation routes circa 1858,                                  published in a school atlas in 1867. SOURCE and PROCESSING INFORMATION:              SOURCE(S) OVERVIEW: In Mitchell's School Atlas: Comprising the maps and tables designed to accompany Mitchell's                                 school and family geography. Philadelphia: E.H. Butler and Co., 1866, c1865.         PROCESSING STEPS/NOTES: Image scanned at 600 dpi for thumbnail. (Tiff files at 600 dpi are available through the                                  map library, but not online. Please email.) The large image was created in Adobe Photoshop                                  at 300 dpi, and the medium image was created by reducing the size of the large image. AVAILABILITY and STATUS INFORMATION:         AVAILABILITY NOTES/FEES: Available to public at no cost.     ARCHIVE/TRANSFER FILE NAME: mi1867t.jpg, mi1867m.jpg, mi1867l.jpg     ARCHIVE/TRANSFER FILE TYPE: Not a Compressed File. CONTACT INFORMATION:             CONTACT INFORMATION:                        CONTACT TYPE: All Inquiries                   PERSON and TITLE: Kathleen Weessies, Map Librarian                       ORGANIZATION: Michigan State University Map Library            MAILING STREET/100 Library W308                               CITY: East Lansing                              STATE: Michigan                           ZIP CODE: 48824                              PHONE: 517.884.0849                     E-MAIL ADDRESS:               CONTACT INSTRUCTIONS: Email